BTS’s V Showed His Appreciation Towards ARMYs After Seeing His Birthday Ad

V definitely had a blast!

BTS seemed to have a fun time while in the United States to perform and celebrate the New Year! A huge crowd came to see them perform and the members were all smiles!

Aside from the New Year, member V also recently celebrated his birthday. Fans like to celebrate their favorite idol’s birthday through birthday ads, and since V’s birthday was close to the New Year’s, he was able to spot one of his ads that ARMYs prepared for him.

He was so thankful and happy and it was evident because he kept pointing at all the ads around him!

He also brought his phone out and started filming the ads that he saw! ARMYs also prepared an ad for the whole group which V also filmed because his members definitely had to see it too!

V couldn’t hide his happiness and was definitely thankful and touched by the ad that his fans made for him!