BTS’s V Reveals The Reason Why He Dyed His Hair Back To Black

He revealed the reason why he wanted a change.

BTS‘s V just went through a drastic hair color change, and the reason for it has been revealed.


On April 24, arrived at THE FACE Music Awards with a striking new look. After months of dyeing his hair nearly every color of the rainbow, V went from bright blue to natural black.


The next day, V talked about his black hair at BTS’s M2U fan sign. He told fans that he decided to “calm down” after so much experimentation.

I think now I like black. It’s because I did too many colorful styles, so I thought I should calm down a bit now.

— V


J-Hope feels that V’s new hair has changed his overall vibe to a more mature one, and Jungkook agreed with a simple, “yeah.”

Our V, after doing this hair his aura has changed so much […] he became more mature.

— J-Hope


He became more handsome,Jin added. “The world’s number one most handsome face.


V was quick to assure Jin that Worldwide Handsome is still the reigning visual king, and Jin thanked him with a handshake.

No, not more than Worldwide Handsome.

— V


Fans love V no matter what color his hair is, but this new look is definitely a favorite!


Check out the clip here: