Who Really Paid For BTS’s Twitter Blue Subscription? ARMYs Jokingly Have The Answer

Someone has been working hard…

Last week, BTS was among many celebrities that lost their verified blue check marks.

BTS Loses Twitter’s Blue Verified Check Mark, And Reactions Are Hilariously Mixed

On April 19, Twitter announced it would remove legacy verified check marks on April 20. Now, users must sign up for Twitter Blue, a monthly premium subscription starting at $8 USD. In addition to receiving a check mark, Twitter Blue users have “prioritized rankings in conversations and search.” Twitter Blue features include not only verification but an edit button, fewer ads, and the ability to post longer and higher-quality videos.

While BTS’s official group account run by BIGHIT MUSIC was unaffected…

The members’ shared Twitter account lost its verification despite boasting 48.3 million followers!

ARMYs’ reactions were mixed. Some thought it was cool that the supergroup was now “one of us,” but others were upset that Twitter took their hard-earned verification from them.

Many joked that BTS would likely not pay for the premium subscription considering they barely use the app, and/or the “broke millionaires” would rather spend the money on something else.

Well, nearly as soon as the verified check mark disappeared, it returned…

So, the question then was, “Who finally paid?”

Some ARMYs thought they knew who was responsible for footing this bill! ARMYs debated and attempted to reason who would most likely subscribe for the verified status.

Finally, most concluded: V. They jokingly explained that he used his wages and tips from working hard at Jinny’s Kitchen.

Interestingly, the check mark went away briefly yet again but has since returned.


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