BTS’s V Is Cracking Up Fans With His Adorable Facial Expressions And Sad Food Antics

He just wanted more!

BTS’s V is cracking up fans with his cute and goofy mannerisms! On an episode of Run BTS, while the other members were chatting, V approached a producer with a very important question.

He can be seen quietly asking the producer for another triangle kimbap, to which the producer replies “we don’t have any more”.

Still from Run BTS | V Live

V then turns around with the biggest pout on his face and walks away.

Still from Run BTS | V Live

Fans and viewers alike went crazy for his cute expression after being denied more food. How can you say no to this face?

Still from Run BTS | V Live

V continued to be exceptionally adorable when in the same episode, the members of BTS were eating when V got caught with food in his mouth. He again had a very peculiar facial expression.

It was then that he realized he had some rice stuck on his lip. He rectified the situation and continued on.

Oh V, you never fail to make us smile.

Source: theqoo, Instiz and Daum


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