When BTS’s V Cried, A Little Boy Tried To Comfort Him

It was an incredibly heartwarming moment!

No fan likes to see their idols cry.


Although it’s a relatively frequent occurrence during concerts, it always hurts for fans to see idols break down over anything, from trying to express gratitude to promising to work harder.

One especially heartbreaking instance was when BTS‘s V broke down at the ending of BTS’s 2018 Paris concert for their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour.


During the two-day concert, V wasn’t feeling well, suffering from a sore throat that made it difficult to sing. Still, the idol gave his absolute all to the performances, trying to ensure that ARMY would still enjoy themselves.

Despite ARMYs’ assurances that they all enjoyed themselves, V broke down in tears, worried that his performance may not have been what fans hoped for. His tears even continued backstage, with Jimin and Jungkook trying to comfort V.

Jimin, Jungkook, and V 

And beyond his members’ comfort, a video recently went viral of a young ARMY trying to wipe away V’s tears through his television screen.

| @fufuandV/Twitter 

The adorable ARMY gently wipes away V’s tears with a tissue, trying to comfort the idol.

| @fufuandV/Twitter 

Fans hope V might see this clip and feel supported, even four years later.

And can’t help but notice the adorable Tata on the young fan’s arm, proving his loyalty to his bias.

You can watch the adorable clip here.