How BTS’s V Was Crowned His Nickname Of “The Baby Prince”

Yet another fitting nickname for V.

BTS‘s gained a nickname thanks to his princely good looks!

V from BTS. | Newsen

BTS appeared at Incheon Airport to head on their way to New York for the United Nations General Assembly. One video of V at the airport titled, “Baby Prince V leaving for the United Nations General Assembly” completely matched his superstar visuals!

| WowKorea FAN/YouTube 

Even in a crowd of people, V’s perfect good looks were so captivating!

| WowKorea FAN/YouTube 

His dark hair and dress shirt totally fit the title of “Baby Prince V.” He seriously looked like royalty!

| WowKorea FAN/YouTube 

Waving his diplomatic passport is just the cherry on top of it all: while he may not be a prince by blood, he’s definitely royalty in ARMY’s eyes.

| WowKorea FAN/YouTube 

ARMYs loved V’s new nickname and thought it fit him perfectly! It’s definitely not the first time he’s been compared to a prince, but this nickname given to him by the media is sure to stick around.

And of course, the title of Prince continues to stick with V today. While “Baby” was removed, it probably makes sense since V is quite the handsome man.


Check out the video below to see V’s handsome visuals in action!


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