BTS’s V Had To Conquer Fear To Learn This Part Of The “Dionysus” Choreography

V explained how he had to put mind over matter to learn it.

Learning a new dance isn’t easy, but BTS‘s “Dionysus” was more than just difficult. For V, it was frightening!


“Dionysus” has many complex steps, but one was particularly challenging for V to master because he had to overcome fear to do it. Many people would be nervous to do this forward fall, but that wasn’t the part V struggled with.


On April 21, BTS hosted a fun Q&A at their Aladin fan sign. One fan-submitted question asked BTS to name the hardest part of the “Dionysus” choreography. V said that he found his backward tumble to be the scariest.


His members said that he was afraid to do it…


…but V got past that by practicing and imagining that the floor was lava!


He’s now able to do it without any problems…


…and his members are all proud of his progress!


For more, check out the full Q&A here.


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