BTS’s V Should Have Won A Grammy For “Best Duality”

“The Guy With The Green Hair” has two sides, and fans can’t get enough of either one.

If the BTS members had been nominated for individual Grammys, V definitely would have won the “Best Duality” award at the 2019 Grammy Awards.


V has proved that he’s a master at transforming from cute and sweet to mature and sexy in an instant. One of the most famous moments happened during this performance of BTS’s “No More Dream (Dance Break)”.


Even though fans know what V is capable of, nobody is ever prepared for his sudden switches, and the Grammys were no exception.


While on the red carpet, BTS stopped by the “glambot”, a camera that films attendees in slow motion. This clip gained more than 1 million views in its first half hour and has become one of fans’ favorite videos of the night.


In it, V completely changes from extreme to the next. He transforms from a baby-faced cutey to a runway model in only seven seconds!


This handsome “guy with the green hair” was all anyone could talk about that night, and it’s not hard to see why!

BTS V Goes Viral As “The Guy With The Green Hair” At Grammy Awards