BTS’s V “Exposes” Jungkook’s Secret To Posing Like A Pro

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BTS’s Jungkook is often considered to be an all-rounder idol for his multi-faceted talent.

BTS Jungkook | @fallontonight/Twitter

From his vocals,

to his rapping skills,

to dance and performance,

Jungkook never misses in any field.

Even outside of music, the idol is good at many other things, including athletics, art, and video editing.

Just as ARMYs have gotten familiarized with each of his talents with time, recently, they have witnessed him grow more and more as a model, especially since he was signed as the global ambassador of Calvin Klein. While he was already good in front of the camera, with each campaign for the brand, Jungkook has shown more command over his posing skills.

The same boldness was reflected in all the concept photos of Jungkook’s solo releases, driving fans crazy.

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According to his fellow BTS member, V, there is a secret posing technique that Jungkook uses all the time for this desired result.

BTS′s V | @thv/Instagram

During Jungkook’s appearance on Suchwita’s latest episode, V joined in unexpectedly. As the three members, including the show’s host, Suga, chatted, V pointed out that Jungkook’s go-to pose is to raise his chin, as seen in the cover art of both his single, “Seven,” and album, Golden.

Jungkook agreed saying that he likes to pose that way because if he looks at the camera with his chin down, he doesn’t “look as good.”

Suga chimed in, saying that when Jungkook looks at the camera from a lower angle, he ends up looking too much like a baby. “I see a bit of 15-year-old Kookie,” he added fondly.

Going by some of the more recent solo clicks of Jungkook, it does look like he has a favorite angle down by heart, and V’s observation was spot on!

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