ARMYs Notice BTS V’s New Favorite Facial Expression And It’s Ridiculously Cute

He does this a lot lately!

One of BTS V‘s many charming points is his array of precious facial expressions.

From his one-of-a-kind boxy smile that melts hearts instantly…

…to his sexy, model glare that comes out on stage, he’s a master of giving all kinds of looks!

However, ARMYs have fallen in love with a new expression that V’s doing lately! It seems his cute side emerges when he’s giving a satisfied look, like when he received his TATA microphone.

The adorable expression can also be seen looking over the members’ scores during the 2021 Festa Exam…

…and when he made a delicious drink for his members during a live broadcast.

When he presses his lips together, he becomes “Satisfied TaeTae!”

So the next time you see that adorable look from V, it means he’s feeling a bit smug and playful — and what’s cuter than that?