BTS’s V Loves To “Friendzone” ARMY, But One Flirty Fan Made Him Blush

This ARMY is smooth!

BTS‘s V truly loves ARMY…as a friend!

Known for “friendzoning” his fans on multiple occasions, he constantly refers to ARMY as his best friends.

However, there was once a fan who even made V blush with her suave words!

During a fansign event, a fan approached V and was ready to give him some constructive criticism.

Taehyung-ah, you’re doing well in every aspect except for one and I hope you can fix it.


Always wanting to do his best for his fans, V was interested in what the ARMY had to say.

Huh? Please tell me!

— V

However, she slipped in a smooth pick-up line — and he totally wasn’t ready!

My heart.


V shyly pulled his adorable hat over his eyes and covered his face with hands. It takes a lot to make V blush, so this fan has some smooth flirting skills!

Ah, please don’t do this to me… *blush*

— V

Check out the full precious video below.