BTS’s V Is Currently Trending in Online Communities for His Very Unique Fashion Sense

But you can’t deny that he looks good in it.

Multiple photos highlighting BTS V‘s signature fashion style have recently been shared in online communities, and they’re attracting a lot of attention for how cute it is.


All of the shared photos show V wearing very loose and wide pants which he’s known for favoring for the level of comfort it provides.

In the past, V even uploaded a post on BTS’s official Twitter account with a caption that read, “When you’re trying to be comfortable, your pants should be at least this wide.

Aside from that, V has been often spotted wearing very wide pants in locations such as the airport, broadcast, and just daily life.

His pants might be wider than what fans are used to seeing on other idols, but V is well-known for pushing the boundaries of fashion and taking risks that always end up looking good on him.


Check out some more photos of V wearing wide pants below:

Source: Insight