BTS V’s Parents’ Day Gift For His Father Will Have You In Tears

V’s father cried a little due to the gift!

BTS‘s V is a loving son, and he once gave the most touching Parents’ Day gift to his father.

BTS V’s father | @BTS_twt/Twitter

During a live broadcast, V shared that for Parents’ Day in 2019, he made a song for his father!

V was so excited about the gift that he was unable to wait until Parents’ Day and gave it to his father a bit early.

When V played the song, his father was filled with joy.

The lyrics had quite an impact on V’s father, as he cried a little due to how touched he was by his son’s gift.


When V saw how much his father liked the song, he knew that it was a successful gift.

V truly is an angel!

Source: Naver Live