Global Muse BTS’s V Features In Shin Sangcheol’s Hangul Art Exhibition

V continues to inspire other artists and become a piece of art himself.

BTS‘s V has been known to show up where you least expect, as it seems that many artists from around the world use him as their muse. He has been the inspiration for Korean illustrator Kildren‘s works, a Russian song, a Filipino song, and more. Though, most recently, he has been seen as a part of Korean artist Shin Sancheol‘s The Stratum of Memory exhibition.

This exhibition is at the MOMA Damda in Yongin City, South Korea until the 24th. It was made to celebrate and express the Korean alphabet (Hangul)’s globalization and artistry by creating famous figures with layers of letters.

King Sejong, the creator of Hangul
Queen’s Freddie Mercury
The Beatles’s John Lennon

V is the only K-Pop idol depicted in the entire exhibition, showing his importance to Korean music.

| @airpool76/Instagram

It seems artists just can’t get enough of him!

Source: Kyeongin


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