BTS Members React to V’s Fresh New Haircut

“He looks like the son of a wealthy family.” – ARMY

BTS‘s V recently transformed his do into something shorter and cleaner, and his fellow members certainly took notice.


On Run BTS! 2019 – EP.89, V drew particular attention with a hairstyle and fashion choice that reminded many fans of a handsome heir.

In the middle of discussing their upcoming game, RM suddenly made a comment about V’s new hairdo.

Taehyung, I like your haircut.

– RM

And Jungkook also joined in and expressed his liking to V’s new look as well.

You’re so good-looking.

– Jungkook

In response to the members’ praise, V showed an adorably shy reaction.

ARMYs who saw this responded favorably with comments such as “He’s both cute and handsome“, “He looks like the son of a wealthy family who’s going traveling“, and “It’s the bean hairstyle“.

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Source: Dispatch