BTS’s V Is Choosing Happiness Over Achieving Bigger Dreams

V spoke from the heart in the latest episode of Bring The Soul.

BTS‘s potential for success is limitless. In six short years, they’ve achieved more than many artists do in a lifetime, but breaking records and winning awards isn’t everything.


When BTS debuted, they dreamed of the doors fame would open for them, but now that they’ve surpassed their goals, they have humbler dreams.

I wanna big house, big cars and big rings
But in reality, I don’t have any big dreams

— BTS, “No More Dream” lyrics


In episode 5 of the Bring The Soul docu-series, revealed that BTS could have soared even higher, had they not turned down some opportunities, but he doesn’t regret it.


“I want to live happily for a long, long time with our BTS members,” he said. “Frankly, we could have gone higher, we had the chances…”


“…but instead of dreaming again for something bigger, I want to laugh and be happy.”


“Even if it’s a little lower, a little slower.”


“I want to make music with our BTS for a long, long time.”


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