V Once Hid His Face, But Not Because He Was BTS’s Hidden Member

There’s a story behind these cute photos of V’s hidden face.

BTS‘s V usually doesn’t mind showing off his visuals, but there have been exceptions to the rule.


Back in early 2013, prior to BTS’s debut, V was the group’s “hidden member“. As such, his identity was kept top secret. V couldn’t take group photos with his members, like this one at Jungkook‘s graduation…


…and he also couldn’t appear in BTS’s earliest vlogs.


V’s identity was revealed about a month before BTS’s debut. By 2014, ARMYs all over the world knew who he was, and they’d fallen madly in love with him. So, why was V hiding in these photos?


On April 22, 2014, BTS appeared on a radio show. On the way there, V cutely covered his face from the cameras. V may have just been feeling shy that day, but many fans suspected that there could be another reason for it.


Around this time, BTS were preparing for their Dark & Wild comeback. This album, released in August 2014, features early hits like “War of Hormone” and “Danger”.


During filming for the “Danger” MV, V accidentally cut his own hair instead of his wig…and he was super embarrassed about it!


V had to have his hair trimmed to even things out, so, if that’s what happened, he may not have been used to his new haircut yet.


Even so, V overcame his shyness to strike cute poses for his fans!


Take a trip down memory lane by checking out the “Danger” MV here!