BTS’s V Wrapped In A Lemon Yellow Blanket Is Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin C

Beware of the sheer amount of softness in this video!

In the latest BTS Episode which took the viewers behind-the-scenes of the 2019 FESTA family portrait photo shoot, BTS‘s V unintentionally caused a massive outbreak of UWUs among ARMYs.


During his turn, V fell in love at first sight with a lemon yellow blanket that was on Jimin‘s side of the set based on “Serendipity”. He picked it up, wrapped it around himself, and turned into a V-urrito…


… and ARMYs could not handle the sheer amount of softness in this video!


V-In-A-Blanket pictures were previously revealed during the 2019 FESTA. ARMYs can’t thank Big Hit enough though, for sharing with them the “BTS” of how these adorable pictures came to be taken.

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Watch the full episode here: