BTS V’s Interaction With A Young ARMY Wearing His “Anpanman” Costume Is The Cutest Thing You’ll Ever See

He got a very special gift from V too!

BTS recently made a stop in Chicago on their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour and while there have plenty of amazing moments from the stop, perhaps one of the cutest is the interaction between V and one young ARMY.


It all started when V suddenly caught sight of a young ARMY wearing his “Anpanman” costume in the crowd of fans while performing. He immediately went to the edge of the stage and couldn’t keep the smile off his face!


As the concert continued, V was spotted going to the same spot over and over again. Each time he had the same giant grin on his face and he couldn’t help pointing the young ARMY out to his members.


But V wasn’t just all smalls to the fan, he also gave him a big gift! During the concert, V took off his own hat and passed it to the young fan!


So who is this cutie that stole V’s heart? His name is Kash and he loves BTS! His bias is V and he even wore V’s “Anpanman” costume to the concert!


His cousin, @ragingartist, recently shared pictures of Kash in his new hat as well as photos from the concert…


Before thanking BTS and V for making his night so special!


Later, Kash also sent his own thank you message to V!


The amazingly sweet interaction between Kash and V has been making ARMYs’ hearts melt.


And seriously, it’s the cutest interaction ever!