BTS’s Jimin Once Revealed What He Envies Most About V

Jimin gave two answers.

While BTS‘s V and Jimin often hilariously bicker with each other, they love each other dearly.

BTS’s V (Left) & Jimin (Right)

In an interview, Jimin was asked what he envies about V, and he gave several answers.

| BTS shooky kookoo/YouTube

Jimin, who has small hands, shared that he envies V’s large hands! Jimin also shared that since his hands are small, holding a microphone can be a little difficult. Jimin also isn’t able to spin a microphone as well as he used to since his hands have swollen.

| BTS shooky kookoo/YouTube

Jimin also spoke about V’s “pure heart.” Jimin shared that V is able to express himself as much as he wants without being conscious about it. Jimin has envied people like this ever since he was young!

| BTS shooky kookoo/YouTube         

Here’s the full video below!