ARMYs Are Losing It Over This Jimin And V “Kiss” At BTS’s 5th Muster

Jimin and V shared a precious moment at fan event that has everybody talking.

“Vmin” fans, prepare your hearts. This just might be the sweetest Jimin and moment yet!


On June 15 and 16, BTS performed a 2-day show in Busan for their 5th Muster “Magic Shop” fan meeting event. ARMYs experienced many hilarious, sexy, and moving moments throughout the show, but one stole everybody’s heart. Jimin’s “kiss”!


During “Ma City”, V sat down on the stage to interact with fans. Jimin dancing his way over to V then leaned over him like this.


Afterward, V broke out in a huge smile that making fans smile too.


From the above angle, Jimin appears to have kissed V’s forehead, but in reality, Jimin didn’t lean in for a kiss. Instead, he looked at V in a way that made him light up.


Afterward, they kept the cuteness going by jamming to “Ma City” like this.


Kiss or no kiss, this moment is just too precious not to love!