If You Try Jin’s “Spinebreaker” Dance, Your Back Might Actually Snap

Jin went wild on stage at BTS’s 5th Muster.

If you want to learn Dance King Jin‘s moves, we suggest that you speak to your doctor first.


On June 15 and 16, BTS performed a 2-day show in Busan for their 5th Muster “Magic Shop” fan meeting event. ARMYs experienced many hilarious moments with the members, as well as new performances of rarely performed songs, including “Pied Piper”, “Ddaeng”“Dimple”, and “Spinebreaker”.


It seems that Jin took the title of “Spinebreaker” literally. He went absolutely wild, spinning so fast that his glasses flew off his face!


Then, Jin kicked up his legs while still turning in circles. How could he not be getting dizzy?


To finish it off, Jin bobbed up and down like a water-drinking toy bird. It was pure, chaotic art.


We’re hoping Jin’s back isn’t sore from that intense dance, but we also wouldn’t be surprised if it was!


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