BTS’s Jimin Almost Forgot To Sing At Muster, But V Had His Back

V brought Jimin out of his brain fog at BTS’s 5th Muster in Busan.

Whether it’s on stage or behind the scenes, BTS always look out for each other.


On June 15 and 16, BTS held the Busan leg of their 5th Muster “Magic Shop” fan meeting event. ARMYs were thrilled to see new performances of rarely performed songs, including “Whalien 52”, “Pied Piper”, “Ddaeng”, and “Dimple”.


For the first time, ARMYs got a taste of “Dimple’s” sexy-sweet choreography, while seeing (and hearing) the vocal line shine.


Jimin may have been enjoying the performance a little too much because at one point he nearly forgot to sing his line! reminded him with a quick nudge…


…and after Jimin sang, he couldn’t help laughing at his own mistake.


Fans loved it too!


Check out V’s own Muster mishap here:

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