Rapper Jungkook Appeared For BTS’s “Ddaeng” And It’s What Everyone Wanted

This Jungkook is the ultimate Jungkook.

BTS kicked off the beginning of their fifth Muster titled Magic Shop on June 15 in Busan. All fans know it’s a special event that always includes never-before-seen performances.

To keep in line with tradition, they performed “Ddaeng”. But, there always seems to be an unexpected member making an appearance during the stage like V once did.

So, Jungkook surprised everyone by dusting off his rap skills and giving ARMYs exactly what they wanted by rapping a verse in the song.

And, ARMYs went wild over the special treat Jungkook prepared.

He’s come a long way from “Ireumeun Jungkook” (My name is Jungkook), and fans will take any appearance of rapper Jungkook they can get.