BTS’s V Reminds Jimin That His Shirt Was Too Revealing And His Reaction Was Everything

We want a dongsaeng like Jimin!

The boys of BTS just concluded a successful round of tours with PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE LA. They had played a total of 4 dates in the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. During a moment on the moving trail, Jimin had a slight wardrobe malfunction that left fans literally thirsting after the man.

And who could blame them? Jimin’s shirt had been unbuttoned to the last button on his mandarin collar white top.

Due to the cut of the collar, half of his chest was exposed, much to fans’ dilemma.

To protect the baby mochi or to enjoy the view…

Fans’ dilemma was solved when V stepped up to remind Jimin about his shirt. V immediately hollered into the microphone, “Jimin-ah, your shirt is too low!

The adorable baby mochi began to fumble with his top and even went back to tap V on the shoulder to ask for confirmation on the state of his shirt.

For the rest of the set, Jimin’s white shirt remained button tightly up to the second hole.

He still looked amazing anyway!

It’s great to see the loving relationship between Jimin and his V hyung!

Source: theqoo