BTS’s V And Jin Almost Cried After Their Debut, Here’s Why

“I nearly cried—but I didn’t.”

In a past vlog, BTS‘s V and Jin talked about their mixed feelings before and after performing “No More Dream” for the first time.

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V was the first to share what he felt at that moment. He admitted that he was so nervous while performing that his body shook. His spirits, however, were lifted when he saw fans cheering for them.

First of all, since it was our first broadcast, I was nervous and shaking a lot. But still, afterwards, seeing myself on the stage made me feel really good, and seeing all the fans made me feel good again. So today, I feel very good.

— V

Jin agreed and thanked the fans who supported them, adding, “We were really moved.

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m really thankful to all the fans who came and watched our ‘No More Dream.’ You even cheered along to our chant. We were really moved. Thank you very much. For that, I’m really grateful to our fans.

— Jin

He then revealed that he almost cried when he thought of the support he received from the people around him.

The moment I first stood on the stage, I thought of all the people around us, and I nearly cried—but I didn’t.

— Jin

V, on the other hand, confidently stated that he did cry. “I cried. One tear.

Upon hearing that, Jin defended himself, saying, “That’s right, and I didn’t because I’m the eldest.

Hilariously, V countered that he cried because he’s one of the youngest in the group! “And I did because I’m the dongsaeng.

Hear what the other BTS members had to say in the full video below.

Source: Bangtan Subs