BTS’s Jin Once “Confessed” His Love For V On Camera, Here’s What Happened

RM had a simple reaction when he saw the “confession.”

BTS‘s Jin and V are sweethearts to each other, and there was a time when Jin made a sudden “confession” to V!

BTS’s V (Left) & Jin (Right)

Jin once was talking about how BTS was going to upload several food pictures on social media.

| WeenJoe/YouTube

V then asked Jin why he’s always talking about food and eating, and Jin shared that it’s because he likes food and eating.

| WeenJoe/YouTube 

V got playful and asked if eating is the only thing that Jin likes, and Jin said he likes V as well!

| WeenJoe/YouTube

Jin got “shy” and covered his mouth. RM heard Jin’s “confession,” and he jokingly told him to “stop.”

| WeenJoe/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!