10+ BTS Jin And V Moments That Bring Warmth To Fans’ Hearts

They bring instant smiles to fans’ faces.

Now we know there are a ton of different BTS ships out there, but the “Gwangsan Kims” duo of Jin and V is a pair that we want to see anywhere, anytime!

Just looking at these two interact with each other is enough to warm fans’ hearts! Let’s take a look at 10+ adorable moments!

1. Two peas in a pod

Out of all the seats they could have chosen, they chose to sit together in the same chair.

2. Piggy-back rides

We all know V will take any chance he can get to give oldest hyung Jin a piggy-back ride!

3. Brotherly love

V has no problem wiping off the cake from Jin’s mouth and eating what’s on his fingers.

4. Can’t take my hands off of you

They will take any moment to play around with each other.

5. They have each other’s backs

Jin’s smile after seeing V touching his ears to keep him warm is the cutest thing you’ll see today!

6. Scenes from a movie

Seeing these two interact on stage looks like it could be from a scene from a movie.

7. Falling for each other

If V was coming at us like that, we would totally be falling over like Jin!

8. Flawless in every angle

It doesn’t matter when or where the camera zooms in, these two have visuals for days.

9. Drop-dead gorgeous

We’d be dead too with these visuals.

10. Adorable interactions

We love to see Jin looking embarrassed or flustered whenever V comes for him.

11. Shocker

Most recently, we saw Jin’s face turn red after V attacked him with a surprise kiss!

These two have great chemistry when it comes to personality and it truly shows in these moments!

Source: nate pann


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