The Story Of How BTS’s Jin Met V, And The Role V’s Mom Played In It  

Their first meeting and first impressions.

Buckle up! We’re traveling through time to revisit a precious moment from BTS‘s trainee days.

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Back in the early 2010s, seven to-be stars packed their bags and moved to Seoul to pursue their big dreams. Jin and V have both shared the story of how they first met, from different perspectives.

Jin (left) and V (right)

In BTS’s 2020 BTS MUSIC JOURNEY movie, V reminisced about meeting Jin in a practice room. “Trainees would gather in either practice room one or practice room two if they weren’t taking lessons,” he said. “That time, I remember Jin telling me to ‘sit down’ with his broad shoulders.” 


Worldwide Shoulders also remembered a particular detail from their first meeting. In BTS BEGINS, Jin recalled how V’s jacket caught his eye.


I came back from school, and the kids were all in the training room. And among the familiar faces, he was there, a kid I never saw before. Wasn’t he wearing the red North Face padded jacket?

— Jin

North Face jackets aren’t cheap for anyone, let alone a trainee. They can sell for hundreds of dollars, but V’s mom was willing to go the extra mile to help her son fit in.

“My mom didn’t want other kids to look down on me in Seoul,” V explained, as the members teased him. “So she shipped me that jacket. She said red would stand out the most.”


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