BTS Did The “Bottle Cap Challenge” And Had Hilariously Different Results

They put their on spins on this viral craze.

Say the word “challenge” and, like magic, BTS will appear! The members love putting their own spin on internet challenges, sometimes literally.


In Episode 85 of Run BTS!, the members slipped and slid through a water gauntlet then recharged by eating a delicious meal.


At one point, wandered off to grab a water bottle, but it wasn’t for drinking. He invited his members to do the “Bottle Cap Challenge”, a viral craze where participants kick the cap off a water bottle without knocking over the bottle.


Jimin, who has a black belt in Taekwondo and expert-level coordination, rose to the challenge. His kick was perfectly executed, but way too powerful!


The bottle went flying…


…and sprayed the cameras!


Next up was BTS’s other black belt holder, Jungkook. He warmed up with a practice kick, then annihilated the challenge!


Let’s see that again, in slow motion.


Jungkook’s kick was fantastic, but the best part might be his hair flip at the end. (Oh, yeah. He’s gorgeous.)


As for V, he didn’t win the challenge, but he got all the points for being cute!


Let’s give all the participants a round of applause!