A Boy Group Member Once Tried To Kiss BTS’s V On The Hand

He saw his chance and took it.

Most new ARMY wouldn’t know this, but back in 2016, BTS held a collaborative concert with Japanese boy group Boys And Men. During the concert, Boys And Men had nothing but praise for BTS, even confessing that they felt like true fans of the group.

Although we stood on stage together, I felt like I was just watching them as a fan.

— Boys And Men

They truly showed just how much of a fan they were, when a member tried to kiss V on the hand.

Years later, V’s reaction went viral as fans noticed just how much he was resisting the kiss. His arm was tense as he tried to pull away, while his laugh later looked half-panicked, half trying to keep things cool.

The scared bear had to hold onto leader RM‘s hand later on for some emotional support.

“He who was a little startled, found emotional stability after holding onto RM’s hand.” | Nate Pann

Fans in 2023 found the entire exchange both cute and hilarious.

| Nate Pann

  • “He’s putting all his strength into his hand and laughing emptily LOL”
  • “Cute. Perhaps as V’s face is the type to be liked by all genders in Japan, everyone likes him. V’s startled expression is cute.”
  • “His smile at the end was really like the type you do in society [to appear polite]. When it’s soulless but you can do nothing but smile.”
  • “What’s this lol. First time I’m seeing it.”
  • “V is cute LOL”

What a throwback!

Source: Nate Pann