BTS’s V Loved This ARMY’s Song Recommendation So Much, He Even Played It On VLIVE

Looks like this ARMY song recommendation became one of V’s favorites.

BTS’s V is known for his impressive music taste. So, when ARMYs heard him listening to a fan’s song recommendation on VLIVE today, everyone was touched! The best part? It looks like the recommendation may have connected V with the singer.


On January 16, an international ARMY greeted V on Weverse with a song recommendation. The fan told V that since he likes to recommend songs himself, they want to return the favor.

Hello, Taehyung-ssi! You have amazing music taste. You like to recommend songs, so I want to gift you a song recommendation too! I’d like it if you show us what you like, and I’d like it if BTS liked it too. I love you so much, be healthy.

— ARMY on Weverse

The song the fan gifted to V was “Crazy Beautiful” by actor and singer Austin P. McKenzie.

In his response, V assured the fan that he would check out their recommendation—but little did anyone know that it would become one of his favorites!

I’m listening [to it] right now keke.

— V on Weverse

When V started his surprise VLIVE today, fans were shocked that the song playing in the background was none other than “Crazy Beautiful”!

Side note: when V showed a comment he’d left on Weverse announcing his VLIVE, A couple of eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed that he may have a secret Instagram account.

V loved the ARMY’s song recommendation so much, he even sang along to the lyrics, which means he must have listened to it a lot over the past week.

What’s even better is that Austin P. McKenzie’s partner of over two years, Kevin McHale of Glee fame, saw the video of Taehyung jamming to the song. After hearing V support his beloved, Kevin McHale has become a certified ARMY.

This probably means Austin P. McKenzie has seen the video himself, and it’s all thanks to a lucky ARMY connecting BTS with more musicians.

V has recommended many songs to fans in the past. If you’re looking for some new music today, one of this most recent suggestions was “Don’t Let Me Down (Demo Version)” by Joy Crookes, which he also played on VLIVE today.