BTS’s V Tried To Pull A Trick On Fans, But It Didn’t Go As Planned

Fans saw it all 😂

BTS‘s Jungkook isn’t the only member who’s into magic tricks. When V decided to try one of his own for fans, it didn’t go quite as planned but ended up just as funny.


When V was waiting to cross the street, he saw the perfect opportunity to pull a trick on fans who happened to be on the other side.

Right before the bus passed in front of him, V began to spin around. When the bus fully passed by, fans weren’t greeted with V’s sudden disappearance.

It seemed like V underestimated the time he needed. Instead, fans saw him bending over and running to hide. Though the trick didn’t go as planned, it left fans amused by the adorable attempt.

He may not have pulled off that magic trick but didn’t give up there. In the end, V pulled off one that left even the members surprised.

Source: Twitter