BTS Members Reveal How V’s Cheeky Ways Make Dieting Extra Challenging

The members laughed while revealing this!

BTS‘s V is quite the jokester, and the members revealed that he’s extremely playful when they’re dieting.

BTS’s Jungkook

In a live broadcast, Jin mentioned that V didn’t gain weight in the past, no matter how much food he ate.

Jimin then brought up a moment where V decided to be a jokester. There was one time when some of the members were dieting, and V was standing behind them. V then said that he wanted to eat some chocolate bread, which the dieting members couldn’t eat.

V then ran away to get some chocolate bread and began eating it in front of the members!


After Jimin shared this story, the members burst with laughter. RM even jokingly told V to “apologize.”


There was also a time where V teased Jungkook at a meat restaurant. Jungkook was dieting, and V playfully asked him to feed him a piece of meat!


After they shared these stories, the members “praised” V for how playful he can be.

What a little rascal!

Source: Naver Live