5 Times BTS’s V Was The Biggest Troll That Even ARMYs And His Members Couldn’t Keep Up

Number 1 was legendary!

BTS‘s V is quite a humorous person, as there have been many moments where he has shown off his playful personality. Throughout the years, V has pranked ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) and his fellow BTS members many times. Here are 5 times when V was the biggest troll that even ARMYs and his members couldn’t keep up.

1. When he posted his “shower picture”

In 2014, V asked ARMYs if it was okay for him to post a picture of himself taking a shower.

I want to post a picture of me taking a shower. Is it okay? v

— V

Many ARMYs couldn’t contain their excitement after V asked this question.

Not long after, V did post a picture of himself fresh out of the shower, but it was when he was a baby!

2. When he posted a picture of his “date”

On BTS’s Twitter account, V once posted a picture with someone who some fans believed was his girlfriend.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

However, this person turned out to be V’s good friend Jang Moon Bok, who many know from his appearance on Produce 101 Season 2!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

3. His gifts for Jungkook

The BTS members were once assigned to get a gift for a member, and when it was Suga‘s turn to give his gift to Jin, it was a hilarious moment. Suga ended up getting Jin some Suga goods, and Jin couldn’t help but laugh in disbelief.


When it was V’s turn to give his gift to Jungkook, Suga speculated that V got him some goods, but the other members thought that V wouldn’t do “such a thing”.

Suga: They’re goods again!

V: No they’re not.

Jin: That’s something only you (Suga) would do.

J-Hope: No, V wouldn’t do that. He really prepared for this.

RM: I think that they’re vintage clothes or vintage accessories.

— Conversation between the BTS members about V’s gift for Jungkook


However, when Jungkook opened up his gift, it was filled with goods that had V’s face on them, and Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh.

Here’s the full video below!

4. When he spoke about his past love life

During an episode of Rookie King, V shared that he once had a one-sided love and that he wanted to confess to this person over the phone.

However, this person didn’t end up picking up V’s call. V then rode the bus home, and Lee Juck‘s “Rain” suddenly started playing.

V was then asked if this story was made up, and he honestly revealed that the one-sided love part was true, but the other parts were made up.

5. When he got playful with an ARMY

V was once playing a mobile game when someone asked in the chatroom “Who likes BTS?” V decided to converse with this person and replied by saying “Me, Me“. 

Can I share that story? When I was playing a mobile game during filming (break time), someone said (in the chatroom), ‘Who likes BTS?’ So I said, ‘Me, me,’ and sent the person a direct message.

ㅡ V

V saw that this person was a fan of Suga because of their ID name. V then decided to get a little playful and told the fan, “I dislike V the most. What do you think?” This fan gave a sweet response, as they said, “I cherish all of them, they’re all so precious“.

The ID was Ultra Suga or something like that. I asked, ‘So you must like Suga?’ and the person said, ‘Yes, I like him so much.’ I asked, ‘I dislike V the most. What do you think?’ What they said was, ‘I cherish all of them, they’re all so precious.’

— V