BTS’s V Method Of Shooting Down A Fan’s Marriage Proposal Caused ARMY To Lose Their Minds

He crushed dreams faster than you can say, “rejected”.

Are you hoping to marry BTS‘s someday?

Breaking News: It’s not going to happen!

BTS receives countless marriage proposals, and each member has a unique way of responding to themJimin, for example, replies sweetly…

…whereas Jin is a straight up savage.

Thank you, next!

The risk of rejection is astronomically high, but that’s a chance one ARMY was willing to take! One fan proposed to V on Weverse. “Marry me!” they wrote.

V didn’t sugarcoat his answer at all. He said, “No!” 

Who knew that an exclamation mark could cause so much pain?

Now, fans are laughing until it hurts, imagining what that poor ARMY must be feeling right now!