BTS’s V Was Taking Some Time To Complete A Mission On “Run BTS!”… So He Did Something Sweet For The Staff Member

The editors praised V for his kind act!

The BTS members are incredibly kind to their staff, and V recently did a heartwarming act to a staff member of Run BTS!


In a recent Run BTS! episode, V was doing a mission where he had to hit a square on a roulette.

This mission was quite difficult, and V kept failing.


V then started doing some practice to see what hitting the square would be like. After V did this, the roulette was covered in ink. Instead of making the staff erase the ink, V erased the ink himself! The editors also seemed to be touched by V’s act, as they put a caption that read, “A kind bear who helps the staff.


Eventually, V was able to complete his mission!


V has such a pure heart!