Jin Insisted On Helping BTS’s Staff Clean Up, But It Didn’t Go As Planned

His good deed turned into a comedy show on set.

If there’s one indisputable truth about BTS‘s Jin, it’s that his parents raised him right.

Jin is an all-around gentleman who goes the extra mile to be considerate, not just to his members, but to everyone he meets.

For example, Kim Isaac (aka the super hot florist from Run BTS!) told Teen Vogue that Jin took him aside and apologized. During Episode 99, Jin had tried to be the best Worldwide Funny Guy he could be to make his shier members feel comfortable.

He apologized for anything he had said or done that might have struck me as rude or offensive. I was really touched. I had really enjoyed my time with them but Jin was always thinking about how his actions and words could affect somebody else.

— Kim Isaac

Jin is also unfailingly polite, treating everyone with the same measure of respect.

In the behind the scenes for Episode 100 of Run BTS!, Jungkook immediately helped the staff clean up bean paste crumbs on the ground.

Moments later, Gentleman Jin hurriedly joined in, but the staff wouldn’t let him help. He’d missed his moment!

J-Hope cracked up, watching Jin scrambling to do this good deed.

“You have to take the chance while you can,” his members said afterward. “He failed in trying to be nice.” Even so, Jin deserves an A for effort!

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