BTS’s Jungkook Tried To Hit A Volleyball…With His Nose 

He suffered a minor injury during BTS’s chaotic foot volleyball game.

BTS‘s Jungkook is an incredibly coordinated athlete, but even he has accidents sometimes!

In Episode 100 Run BTS!, the members revisited sports from earlier episodes, including foot volleyball and badminton. In the end, BTS may have scored higher in hits than in points!

From shuttlecocks to volleyballs, everybody was getting pinged. Some of these accidents, however, didn’t make it into the episode.

Episode 100’s behind the scenes clips show Jimin taking a birdie to the eye…

…and getting whacked in the back.

Even Jungkook had a mishap. When RM kicked the ball, he tried to bump it with his head but miscalculated, hitting it with his nose instead.

Nurse Jin quickly checked on Jungkook, while cracking up, of course.

Nurse Jimin also came over to ask Jungkook if he was okay. Unlike a certain hyung, he was taking this matter seriously!

After Nurse Jin brought Jungkook some tissues — still laughing — Jungkook was ready to get back in the game. A little bump on the nose isn’t enough to bench him!

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