BTS Knows EXACTLY What Their Editors Are Up To 

They’ve seen the memes, and more.

The editors of Run BTS! are as extra as BTS, and they know exactly what fans want to see.

From adding sound effects to commentary, the staff clearly has a lot of fun in post-production…

…and, most of the time, it’s at BTS’s expense!

ARMY knows (and loves) the editors’ antics, but is BTS aware of what happens to their footage behind the scenes?

The answer is: yes! In Episode 100 of Run BTS!, the members named the editing team as the show’s real MVPs.

BTS are hilarious to watch on their own, but the staff’s mischief makes the show even more addictive.

For example, in this edition of BTS vs Editors, J-Hope asked the staff to remove his badminton blunder.

Instead, they kept the clip in and added these effects.

The editors also took a jab at Suga‘s memorization skills…

Jin‘s courage levels…

…and the whole losing team.

They added this video game style K.O when RM kicked a camera…

…added a fiery earthquake to BTS’s buzzer war…

…and continued this “confused” joke.

Let’s all say, “thank you, editors” for 100 episodes of quality meme content! While you’re waiting for Episode 101, why not check out the staff’s best work here?

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