15 Times BTS’s “Run BTS!” Editors Had Way Too Much Fun At Their Job

The “Run BTS!” editors are just as extra as BTS are, and they know exactly what fans want to see.

BTS‘s variety show Run BTS! is bursting with meme-able moments. The members never fail to make viewers laugh, but the show’s editors have an amazing sense of humor too. Here are 15 times when the editors had way too much fun doing their job!


1. When they attacked Jungkook stans out of nowhere


2. When they created a new meme by zooming in on RM’s priceless reaction to V’s watermelon thievery


3. When they wrote what every ARMY was thinking


4. When they showed their savage side by throwing shade at the members


5. When they summed up the members’ relationships perfectly


6. When they added squeaky sound effects every time BTS did something cute


7. When they turned this badminton game into a dramatic K-Drama scene


8. When they wanted everyone to know that Jin’s reaction was happening in real time


9. When they added commentary to this instant replay


10. When they added in action movie punching sounds, just for Jin


11. When they exposed Suga’s true personality


12. When they created this iconic “J-Hope.exe has stopped working” meme


13. When they were just as confused as the rest of us


14. When they gave J-Hope the best nickname ever


15. Every time they were just as extra as BTS are!


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