“Run BTS!” Florist Shares This Most Considerate Thing Jin Did After Shooting The Latest Episode

“I personally really like people like Jin…”

In Episode 99 of Run BTS!BTS learned about floral arrangements from South Korea’s hottest florist, Kim Isaac and created some very unique crowns.

In the process, Jin created this avant-garde crown — which, to Jungkook, looked like a snail’s eyes:

When the episode shed more light on “that florist“, Kim Isaac answered some questions about his experience with BTS in an interview with Teen Vogue. He recalled Jin to have been one of “the two loudest members”.

The two loudest members by far were dancer J-Hope, who can be heard twittering like a songbird throughout the episode, and Jin, who is always willing to sacrifice his image — and sometimes, his dignity — to serve as the group’s comedic foil.

— Kim Isaac

According to Kim Isaac, Jin actually apologized for his “behavior” after the shoot though. The florist explained:

Jin told me that because a lot of the members are a bit shy, he tried to brighten up the atmosphere and make it funny with certain words or actions.

— Kim Isaac

The florist revealed that he was touched by Jin’s considerate nature.

He apologized for anything he had said or done that might have struck me as rude or offensive. I was really touched. I had really enjoyed my time with them but Jin was always thinking about how his actions and words could affect somebody else.

— Kim Isaac

In fact, Kim Isaac pointed out, he didn’t get offended at all. He actually wanted to work with Jin again in the future. The florist shared how Jin had deeply inspired him through the whole experience.

I personally really like people like Jin who think outside the box. Some might think it’s weird, but it’s just being different. [Working with Jin on] anything to do with flowers would be very interesting.

— Kim Isaac

Are we surprised? Not really. That’s the spirit of Worldwide Handsome Jin we know and love. He’s perfect and he can’t help but show it.

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Source: Teen Vogue