BTS’s V Conjured A K-Drama Plot Out Of Thin Air

Would you watch this show?

V has acted in a K-Drama…

…and directed BTS‘s mini K-Drama

…but can you picture him writing a K-Drama in the future? (Answer: Yes. Definitely!)

In Episode 99 of Run BTS!, BTS learned about floral arrangements from South Korea’s hottest floristIsaac, laughed nonstop about Jimin‘s birth flower, and created some very unique crowns.

After finding out that Isaac has been a florist for five years, V suddenly rattled off a random story that’s straight out of a K-Drama.

“I used to love this girl once,” V said. “and when she went on a trip, she said ‘I love flowers’ before she left.”

V’s sudden storytime perplexed his members and the show’s editors, who illustrated their confusion with question marks.

When Isaac asked if V was describing him, V became a little bashful.

“No,” V replied. “I was just saying it for fun.” 

But what if this K-Drama actually happened? Imagine this: a Spring romance written by V, starring V as a florist. It would be a hit!


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