BTS’s Jin Was THIS CLOSE To Throwing Hands At Jungkook

He wasn’t about to let his teammate ruin the game.

If you want to stay on Jin‘s good side, never ever sabotage his chances of winning!

BTS‘s ultra-athletic maknae Jungkook has a reputation for being the most competitive member, but Jin isn’t far behind. Nothing brings out Jin’s competitive streak like a Run BTS! challenge.

So, what do you get when you combine Jin’s must-win attitude with his temper? Pure comedy!

In Episode 100, BTS revisited sports from their earlier Run BTS! episodes, including foot volleyball and badminton. BTS has a hard enough time hitting the shuttlecock normally, so you can imagine how much more trouble they had using things like frying pans and dustpans for rackets!

This pot lid got Jin steamed, but Jungkook is the one who made him boil over!

When the shuttlecock flew toward Jungkook, he kept acting like he was going in for the hit. Then, at the last second, he’d stop, and Jin would have to dive for it.

Eventually, Jin was ready to throw hands…

…or should we say rackets? “Jungkook, do nothing if you don’t want to hit it! “ he cried. “Ah! Seriously!”

Even though Jungkook wasn’t antagonizing Jin on purpose…

…it still drove him crazy!

For more, find out what kind of mishief the editors were up to in this episode.

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