BTS’s V Handled This Mistake During Muster “Sowoozoo” Like A Professional

You might not have noticed this!

Only ARMYs who paid close attention to BTS‘s V during Muster “Sowoozoo” noticed his adorable mishap!

| Bangtan.Official/Facebook

Typically, during a performance of “Idol,” V moves from the center to the right side of the stage.

However, after walking towards the left, he immediately scooted back towards the right!

From other angles, his mistake was so smoothly and professionally corrected that it’s virtually unnoticeable.

The thing that might have given it away was the big smile on his face from laughing at his own mistake!

Taking a closer look at J-Hope, BTS’s dance leader seems to have caught the mistake and laughed, as well!

Overall, V shows how much of a skilled performer he is by instantly correcting his mistake and continuing on without missing a beat.

Plus, ARMYs found it totally adorable!

| Bangtan.Official/Facebook