V Named BTS’s Cutest Member, And It Might Not Be Who You’re Expecting

V revealed which member seems the cutest to him, and why.

Every BTS member has his own charms, but when it comes to who’s the cutest, has a particular person in mind.


In V’s first live broadcast of 2020, he listened to music with fans, skillfully avoided spoilers, and answered questions, including this one.


Some might say that the cutest member is the youngest member, Jungkook. The maknae is all grown up now, but he’ll always be the adorkable “baby” of BTS.


Others might choose Jimin as the cutest member because he radiates natural aegyo without even trying!


All of BTS’s members have their cute sides, but V picked RM.


Since RM often gives off a mature, sexy-sophisticated aura rather than a cutesy one, he might not be the first member people think of when they think “cutest member”.


According to V though, RM’s “vibe” is what makes him so cute to him lately.


Sexy RM, Cute RM, President RM — we love them all!