BTS V’s Fansite Impresses With An Amazing Photo Exhibition Event

From photo spots to treasure hunt events and more!

One of BTS V‘s most famous fansites, Nuna V, held a photo exhibition recently in Seoul. While photo exhibitions are commonly held by fansites, Nuna V went above and beyond to deliver an amazing event for fans to attend. Their sincerity and hard work in pulling the event off soon went viral. Check out photos of the exhibition, Love It Here To Stay, courtesy of Nuna V (@_nuna_v).

What greets you when you enter the event space is a vintage ticketing booth. You can prebook tickets online or purchase them at the door.

A photo zone for fans to mark the memory was crafted to model…

…V’s concept photo perfectly.

The event space is a total of 2 stories high, with many Instagrammable spots. A space for fans to sit and rest was created in the shape of a train cabin.

Of course, fans can enjoy exclusive photos taken by Nuna V.

The event space is luxurious and spacious, perfect for a large group.

The outside of the hall is also decorated with V’s photo.

The exhibition lasted only 4 days unfortunately, due to booking constraints.

Nuna V even set up a photobooth for fans to take photostrips at.

A special template even lets you take photos with V’s likeness superimposed in every frame.

That’s not all! Nuna V prepared many events for visitors, such as a traveling roulette manned by a “station staff”.

You can also go on a treasure hunt for V’s favourite items in the shape of QR codes. If you manage to find at least one, you can get a prize.

With a total of 6 events, the more events you participate in, the more gifts you get!

The tickets itself were printed on high quality plastic with a lanyard.

We’re ultra-impressed with the dedication that Nuna V put into the event! Although overseas fans will have to miss out on this one, perhaps she they set up another spectacular exhibition in the future.

Source: Nuna V