BTS’s V Once Revealed The Member He Would Introduce His Younger Sister To…If He Had To

There’s a slight “twist” in the end.

In 2014, BTS was interviewed for their album “DARK & WILD”, and during the interview, the members were asked a rather unique question.

The members were asked, “if you had a younger sisterwhich member would you want to introduce your sister to“.

While there was a range of answers, such as Jungkook picking himself, and Jin picking no one, the majority of the members selected Jimin.

V actually has a younger sister and was one of the members who selected Jimin.

V explained that Jimin is an extremely innocent and kind person that takes care of everyone.

However, V also believes that this is one of Jimin’s flaws, as he’s sometimes too nice.

After making these comments about Jimin, Jin asked V if he would really introduce his younger sister to Jimin, and V bluntly answered with a “No“.

Here’s the full video below!