BTS’s V Once Won A Vacation Cruise, Here’s What Happened

V knew he had won…something. He just didn’t know what.

Have you ever dreamed of winning a free vacation? For V, that fantasy became reality…but he didn’t realize it right away!

Back in 2016, BTS performed “I NEED U” and “DOPE” on the show TTV Red and White in Taipei, Taiwan.

At the end of the show, the hosts announced that the winner of a special prize was…V!

He won a vacation package that included a 4-day 3-night cruise and a Miyako, Okinawa holiday for two.

At first, V had no idea what was happening.

He looked from the hosts to the audience, totally confused.

“Cruise”, “Travel”, “Happy”. Thanks to these English keywords, V finally realized what he had won.

Did V end up going on this free vacation? Nope! Instead, he passed it on to his parents.

They raised a very “Good Boy”, indeed!