That Time BTS’s V Went Undercover As A Female Staff Member

Rules? He follows his own.

BTS‘s V is an expert at flouting HYBE‘s rules and getting his way with the staff. Sometimes, that involves eating paper


…and other times, it involves impersonating an employee!


Back in 2018, BTS traveled to Malta, an idyllic island on the Mediterranean Sea, to film their travel show Bon Voyage 3. Their destination, however, was kept a secret from the members.


To find out more, V went undercover as a female staff member. While on the set of BTS’s “IDOL” MV, V made a call using a high-pitched voice to suss out information.

Despite V’s best efforts though, his plan failed. “I tried many things but it didn’t work!” he complained, laughing. “The staff member was about to tell me!” (Big Hit Music’s editors, however, suggest otherwise in the captions.)

Who knows? Maybe V would have had better luck if he’d tried conning HYBE in person while wearing this disguise!

A fan’s female version of V | @andrea_btsOT7/Twitter